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Kip Mc Grath Education Centre

Create a new listing for East London

Location: East London
Ages: Grade 1 to Grade 12
Number: 043 743 7323
Categories: Educational Products, Homework & Study Centres, Specialised Study / Tutoring,
Kip Mc Grath Education Centre

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If your child is struggling at school, Help is Available!
Professional Tutoring in:

Phonics & Language Mathematics Afrikaans

Don't ignore the problem until it is too late.
Phone for a FREE assessment.

Kip Mc Grath Education Centre

17 Reviews have been submitted
Chane Marques on 16 July 2013
Hi, Can you please let me know what methods you use for your different subjects and provide me with a pricelist. I have two sons (grade 2 and 7) and I work late hence I don't have much time to assist them with homework at night.

Leanne Van Jaarsveld on 27 February 2014
I am interested in more info, please. I have 2 boys in grades 5 + 6. Thanks

zizipho on 18 May 2014
hi my son is in grade 1 and hes struggling to finish writting intime always he never finishis i dont stay with him he stays with granny who dnt hv time to help him at home how does your programm work?

thanks zee

Adri on 4 June 2014
I have a son in Gr3 at Grens. Maths is a struggle for him. Can you help and what are the costs involved please?

Thank you

zikhona on 1 July 2014
i need assistance with english for my 9 year old daughter.

Buki on 7 July 2014
Need assistance with a grade 7 learner

Samantha Kapp on 30 September 2014
My daughter is at in Grade 3 and battles with English and Maths. I have had her assessed and it would seem that she needs the extra help.

khaya on 24 January 2015
I need after care where home work assistance will be provided for my boy (grade 2) and girl (gr 4).

Nomvuyo on 2 February 2015
I need extra classes for my grade 3 daughter for Afrikaans and Maths please, we stay in Beacon Bay

Ncapayi Vuyelwa on 9 March 2015
I have just relocated to East London I have a13 year old boy in grade seven struggling with English , reading , spelling and writing . I need help please assist in this regard . where can I take him to and how much is it going to cost me.
Thank you
Ms Ncapayi

candice ristow on 21 April 2015
Hi There, my son is in grade 2 and needs assistance in reading pls.

Kay ou on 30 December 2015
I would like to inquire about English lessons please.

Ntuthu on 5 April 2016
My daughter is in Gr9 and struggling with Maths. Can you assist so she can improve her maths results

Andiswa on 29 June 2016
My son is in Grade 2, somtimes I dont have chance to help him witb homework such that he needs more attention in english reading, maths. Can you please help to improve his work. Please forward me with more info and price. Thank you.

Pat on 11 September 2016
I need someone to assist my child with school work, he is in grade 3 and his performance is getting poor as the year goes. He has been in the same aftercare since grade 1, he has been doing well but not since last year. I'm in Southernwood.

Marchelle Fitchet on 10 February 2017
My son is in Grade 4 and I am needing assistance with his homework in the afternoon. Please I need assistance. Thank you.

Jacky on 15 March 2017
My daughter is 7 and in grade 1. I need assistance with her reading since im always very tired by the time I get from work.

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