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Child Protection Team

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Location: 14 Blackburn Road, Durban North
Number: 031 001 01 01
Categories: Kids - Safety Products, Training Workshops, Products for Toddlers, Parenting Workshops, Online shop,
Child Protection Team

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The vision of the Child Protection Team is to reduce crimes against children across South Africa.
The crime rate in South Africa is very high and crimes against children is no exception. The investigation of these crimes is not something that generates money and therefore this type of investigation really hasn’t been successfully addressed in the private sector. There are institutions that address crimes against children proactively, from a therapeutic perspective, but none that I am aware of that addresses this dilemma from both a reactive and proactive perspective.

The Child Protection Team has various products that look at addressing this from all angles.  
All our products can be purchased online from our website.

Child Protection Team
Child Protection Team
Child Protection Team

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